Scab shop season one is a series of 1/1 artworks from our genesis artists, marked on interactive glass. Each NFT will be auctioned and comes with a single tattoo appointment with the artist to have the art rendered to skin. Once rendered the NFT will no longer carry the appointment, and will forever reflect a record of the owner it was rendered onto.

All Scab Shop Pass holders are welcome to bid on these artworks.

Scab shop is a curated gallery celebrating the artists who have evolved tattoo art and culture into what it is today and are defining what it will be tomorrow. As our digital selves serve to represent a larger part of our identity, scab shop serves these artists by extending the reach of their artworks across the physical/digital membrane so that we as collectors can curate our identity in all contexts in a way that helps us feel more like ourselves both online and offline.

Season One Pieces:

01 — "City of Angels and Fools" by Mister Cartoon
02 — "I See Your Point" by Doctor Woo
03 — "To Love What Can Be Lost" by Scott Campbell
04 — "Botan" by André Malcolm
05 — "Dope Smoker" by Tati Compton
06 — "Sink Into the Sea" by Nathan Kostechko
07 — "My Afrofuturism Part 1" by Henry Lewis
08 — "Executioner" by Sean from Texas
09 — "Wild Peony" by Sashatattooing
10 — "Beach Trap" by Spider Sinclair
11 — "走向生命" by Josh Lin
12 — "Bad Doge" by Brooke Candy
13 — "Loyalty" by Mister Cartoon

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